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Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB)


Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) is an innovative, Apple-connected institution filled with goal-oriented youth of color. Founded in 2014, LAB began as a middle school before receiving a $10 million grant from Emerson Collective. It expanded to include a high school offering students the to graduate with their diplomas. Situated in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle today, this pioneering school serves approximately 600 students annually across their two curriculums. With the mission statement of “preparing scholars with the academic foundation, digital literacy, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in college and professional life as they grow as ethical leaders,” LAB provides diverse options for urban youths. Featuring athletic activities, extra-curricular clubs, and technological pursuits, LAB continues to meet its community’s needs by personalizing learning through rethinking traditional systems. By doing away with textbooks and taking courses enriched with traditional academics and peer tutoring, each student becomes empowered through individual growth. It is this unique approach that makes Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools a superb choice for those who have been neglected or underserved by their traditional schools. From its inception in 2014 until 2021, LAB has remained true to its roots in providing underprivileged learners with a quality education while developing them into ethical leaders capable of succeeding beyond college. With an impressive background and an outstanding track record of meeting its community’s educational needs, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools remains a superior option for those seeking change in education rounds – especially within underserved populations.

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